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AH_digITalPortal project will curate electronic and digitized copies of historical documents and field research materials, archives, and other sources of information that scholars & researchers of Africa have collected over many years of their work. These resources will include copies of field notes, manuscripts, rare books, magazines, pamphlets, pictures and images, and transcripts of interviews, songs, and other audio and visual documents covering periods from before colonization of Africa up until the recent past.

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Interviews conducted in Ilorin in 1975 by Otolorin Adesiyun as part of a project organised by Professor Paul E. Lovejoy in collaboration with Professor Jan Hogendorn; and re-translations of 6 of the Adesiyun interviews organised by Ann O’Hear


William Balfour Baikie

Church Missionary Society 
NAK [Nigerian Archive Kaduna] file list

Dandeson Crowther, Archdeacon

John Hawley Glover
Rev. John C. Taylor
[Onitsha CMS Station]

Villages and Distances along the Banks of Niger and Benue Rivers.

Historical POIs mentioned 

Abbeokuta, Aboh, Asaba, Bida
Gbebe, Ibadan, Idda
Ilorin, Lagos, Lokoja, Offa, Oke-Oyi, 

Onitsha; Osomare

Themes. Subjects. Topics

The Dr. Ann O’Hear Archive follows the story of Ann’s long engagement with the subject of slavery and related practices from the 1980s to the second

decade of the twenty-first century.
Its particular focus is on the city and region of Ilorin in Kwara State, Nigeria

In his research, Dr. Kolapo has worked with documents of the Church Missionary Society agents in 19th century West Africa, including dairies,

journals, and travel reports of many CMS missionaries like Bishop Samuel Adjai Crowther and his Upper Niger Mission agents. He has also worked with Colonial Office and Foreign Office documents relating to the 19th-century British expeditions to the Niger and the Benue rivers and with documents relating to the colonization of Nigeria. AH_DigITalPortal project will host electronic and digital copies of these documents.

History Tidbits

"Permit me, my Lord, to allude for a moment to an opinion very prevalent in England, namely that a person who has been to any part of the Western Coast of Africa, is, necessarily, generally experienced in African character. This, as your Lordship will at once perceive, is a complete fallacy, as along this extensive line of coast manners, customs, & character vary as much as they do in Europe. The man who has been to Senegal or Gambia is not thereby fitted for Cape Coast or Akkra, nor is the resident at Sierra Leone qualified by his experience there for settling the affairs of Yoruba or of Popo."


PUBLIC RECORD OFFICE. F.O. 2/18. W.B. Baikie to Right Honourable, The Earl of Malmesbury, Her Majesty's Principal Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs. No. 31 of 1859. Rabba, Nupe, Central Africa. 17th May 1859

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