Primary Source Document Archives

AH_digITal Document Portal project will curate electronic and digitized copies of historical documents and field research materials, archives, and other sources of information that scholars & researchers of Africa have collected over many years of their work. These resources will include copies of field notes, manuscripts, rare books, magazines, pamphlets, pictures and images, and transcripts of interviews, songs, and other audio and visual documents covering periods from before colonization of Africa up until the recent past.

The Dr. Ann O’Hear Archive follows the story of Ann’s long engagement with the subject of slavery and related practices from the 1980s to the second


decade of the twenty-first century.
Its particular focus is on the city and region of Ilorin in Kwara State, Nigeria


In his research, Dr. Kolapo has worked with documents of the Church Missionary Society (CMS) agents in 19th century West Africa, including diaries, journals, and travel reports of 

many missionaries like Bishop Samuel Adjai Crowther and his Upper Niger Mission agents. He has also worked with Colonial Office and Foreign Office documents relating to the 19th-century British expeditions to the Niger and the Benue rivers and with documents relating to the colonization of Nigeria. AH_DigITalPortal project will host electronic and digital copies of these documents.

History Tidbits

"It seems likely that Dada had no knowledge at all about the goods sold by M. Laurent to the late King [Agaja] his father in 1739, because only being the second son he was not a pretender to the throne at the time, and according to the custom of the land did not meddle in any way in his father's dealings with the whites. . . .he paid to M. Pruneau fourteen women as the balance of goods sold to him by Sieur Laurent on 7 and 30 July 1740 . . . "


Board of directors of the French fort at Juda to the India Company, 18 February 1753, in Pierre Verger, Trade Relations Between The Bight of Benin and Bahia 17th to 19th century, (Ibadan University Press 1976), p.146

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