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Transcript of selected handwritten notes taken on material in this file. Not always the exact words of the original. Genealogical trees not reproduced here. Spellings of names reflect the original where possible.

[for the first section, see Hermon-Hodge’s published Gazetteer, 1929]

for example:

land near Ilorin in this Division is split up into many small estates—these estates are intermixed, no landowner owning much land in same place.

Class 1—landowners in Ilorin holding estates in the country. These men, having acquired their lands from the Emir in early days of Fulani invasion, brought out friends, followers and slaves and put them on their lands, returning themselves to Ilorin leaving a representative on the land.

All those given lands paid yearly rent to proprietor.

para 24. As for the Baba Kekeri, they can be wiped out without any great cause for complaint, but it will have to be done very carefully, as the landowner & Baba Kekeri (BK) in some cases are very nearly allied.

para 25. Now that a general tax is collected from each individual, the landowners gain very little from their tenants: if however they are cut out altogether from any say in their lands they would I think have a cause for complaint. There being so many landowners, & the lands being so split up, it would be impossible to give them office over their own lands under the District Head (DH) nor would an interchange of lands to amalgamate the lands of big landowners for working purposes be satisfactory.

para 26. I would suggest that if inheritance of land combined with Native Authority is to be kept up the following might be carried out: Do away with all Baba Kekeri & protection from Ilorin & instead of DH sending his messengers with [to?] the landowners or their tenants, landowners whoever they may be should send their messengers to DH’s Court & if not satisfied refer the case to final court of Ilorin.

Case 1. Town & lands of Olobondoroko, how obtained & held

in reign of Emir Abdul Salami of Ilorin

Olobondoroko, Okanniki and Brimah Sabegana obtained the lands & farmed & built a town & stocked it with their followers and slaves. Olobondoroko was the leader holding title of Magaji, but each man obtained his own lands and paid tribute to Emir direct.

1st proprietor of Olobondoroko lands, Magaji Olobondoroko, received title of Zarumi. 4th proprietor also given title of Zarumi. 5th and present proprietor, Budamashe, also given title of Zarumi.

Present proprietor of Okanniki’s lands is Lawane.

Present proprietor of Brimoh Sabegana’s lands is Tukeru.

The whole town follow the present Zarumi & give him presents from time to time. The Bale is chosen by the people & sanctioned by the Zarumi. At present the Bale is a farmer & follower on Olobondoroko lands. The title of Zarumi is not hereditary. The people having increased & land round the town having become exhausted many farmers rent farms near Jagusi or Ogbomosho.

Case 2. Lands & town of Laduba

In reign of Emir Shitu, Konta a follower of Balogun Alanamu of that time obtained the lands of Laduba; his grand nephew still holds them & follows the present Balogun Alanamu (Baba Kekeri).

Present proprietor is Iliasu.

In this case Mamadu was the eldest son but he gave up his right when he became a Pagan Priest, but this did not affect his sons.

Case 3. Tenant on Olobondoroko land

First tenant received farms from Olobondoroko to whom he paid rent.

Present tenant is Mamawari.

In this case the present tenant’s land is little used, his sons & brother’s sons farming on the other lands to whom they pay rent (at Oboto and Ajagusi).

Case 4. Lands of Ologoso & outlying farms

In reign of Emir Shitu, Haruna gave up the farms of Olu Ladi & obtained land at Ologoso & outlying farms near Laduba. He followed Basambo, son of Emir Shitu.

Present proprietor Belo is a follower of Abdul Salami (Baba Kekeri) son of the Emir.

Case 5. Lands of Osi

In reign of Emir Abdul Salami, Agbian (Baba Sali [Isale] title) was given what now comprises the farms of Osi. The Yoruba title of Baba Sali always follows the old Yoruba King Are [the Magaji Are].

Present proprietor is Tukuru (Baba Sali).

In this case when 6th proprietor Oye Dokan died, the only man of age in the family was Obe (7th proprietor) son of Abdu (2nd proprietor); he succeeded to the lands. When Momadu (8th) died, his brother Mamudu was not of age so Tukuru succeeded. This is a custom which is most common among the old Yoruba stock.

Case 6. Land of Ero Aba

Brimah a follower of Emir Shitu was given the lands now called Ero Aba. He married Umo a daughter of Aliu, Shitu’s son. They had two children, a son who died young & Mukpe a daughter who married Abdul Kaderi a son of Balogun Fulani. When Brimah died, Mukpe was under age & the lands were taken possession of by his wife as there were no other heirs when she died. Mukpe succeeded. Note. had Umo not been of the Emir’s family she would only have held the land in trust till her daughter married.

Present proprietor Mukpe.

Case 7. Lands of Ogele Emir’s lands—Farms

These lands were taken over by Emir Shitu; they go from Emir to Emir, with the slaves on the land.

Shitu put one of his head slaves Audali to look after the farms and other slaves. Audali’s son is now Bale & collects for Emir. Many of the farms are let to free men who pay rent to the Bale but follow some big man in Ilorin.

Proprietors listed are the Emirs, in turn, from both lineages. Present proprietor Emir Sule.

Bales listed are Audali (1) then his sons.

Outlying farms on Ogele land let to followers of different chiefs in Ilorin, these pay rent to the Bale of Ogele but follow different men in Ilorin:

Baba Kekeri

Abosede Magaji Baboko

Abo Kede Emir direct

Akumaju Dogari

Olesunde Arsaju slave of Emir

Alaboru Musa slave of Emir

Egba Sumanu son of Emir

Dudo Ogede Yagba son of Emir

Enedunda Moru son of Emir

Case 8 Lands of Idiomo [Idieme?]

In reign of Emir Shitu, Ajia Opele obtained these lands, his slaves & followers farmed the land he returning to Ilorin. Three years ago the farms got used up, these farmers now farm on Enejabata’s land who is an Ogbomosho man. They pay rent to him, but live in Idiomo [Idieme?]; nothing is given to the Ajia just now except his slaves. When Idiomo land is ready for farming again rent will be paid to the Ajia.

Present proprietor and Ajia Opele is Salu.

Case 9. Lands of Iekali

Beamena a Fulani received these lands from Emir Shitu to whom he pays tribute. He left a slave Ennetan to look after the land. His son Sumanu is the present Bale and caretaker, he lets the farms & collects his rents for Usufu present proprietor.

But: In the genealogical table, Sumanu is given as (2) and Usufu as (3) present proprietor. Sumanu appears to be the eldest, then Usufu, then Belo, who is noted as the heir.

Tenant Mamadu rents a farm from Usufu but follows Dogari in Ilorin.

Case 10. Lands of Elebugele

In reign of Emir Shitu, Tiwo who was a follower of Lalota a slave of the Emir, obtained the farms of Elebugela [sic]. When Amadu (3rd proprietor) son of Tiwo died, the only male left in the family was his son Tukuru, who was a child. A sister of Amadu had married Sanusi a farmer on the land who was considered the leading man. He now holds the land in trust for Tukuru. When Tukuru marries, he will be shown the boundaries & given the land. Sanusi follows Lasako a son of the Emir.

Case 11. Lands of Eleuri

Abu (Magaji Gari) obtained the lands from Emir Shitu putting a man on the land to look after it.

Abu is given as first proprietor. The others are his descendants.

Proprietor 3 is Sada, arrested by Dwyer & sent to Yola.

Present proprietor (4) is Salu.

Lalotan the factor also rents farms from Serikin Fawa.

Case 12. Farm lands on Olobondoroko obtained by Brimah Sabagana

and given to a friend Olokan who paid rent to him as tenant. These farms have remained in Olokan’s family but rent is always paid to Brimah’s successors.

Genealogical tree notes that Olokan rented farms from Brimah since time of Abdul Salami Emir of Ilorin. Present tenant is listed as Alege.

Alege pays rent to Tukuru grandson of Brimah Sabagana.

Case 13. Odore lands

In reign of Emir Shitu, Bankere a follower of Leman Bebane obtained the lands: he let them to 3 men, Madele, Suli and Ogunola. When Bankere died the lands reverted to the Emir as Bankere had no family. Madele obtained the lands of Jaju & Ogelabi from Shitu—he was tenant on Odore & Proprietor of Jaju and Ogelabi lands, no Baban Kekeri.

Present Tenant and Proprietor

Sumanu [apparently a descendant of Madele] lives at Ogelabi & looks after or rather owns (as his father Abeodau [or Abeodu] is a very old man & cannot move) the lands of Ogelabi, Jaju & Budo Giwa. He pays rent for his father’s farms on Odore (little use now) tribute direct to Emir for his lands at Ogelabi etc. The distinction is rather fine but they seem to understand it.

Case 14. Ele Wetu & Onijokan lands

Elewetu obtained his lands direct from Emir Shitu

M. Abdul Kaderi Present Proprietor.

Case 15. Lands of Pankpo

Balasa a follower of Magaji Gari obtained his lands from Emir Shitu.

Abdul Baki Present Proprietor is follower of present Magaji Gari.

The population of Pankpo has increased, many farmers farming on Ogele land to whom they pay rent.

Case 16. Opele Omalaso lands

Aredage obtained his lands from Emir Shitu but followed no one except Emir. His grandson Brimah the present landowner was the first to have a Baban Kekeri. Brimah follows Oloko slave of Emir.

Case 17. Lands of Allase

In reign of Shitu, Ata & Aiya obtained their lands. Ata was the leader but Aiya obtained his straight from Emir; they followed Ajenaku in Ilorin. When Ata died he left no family & Aiya took over his lands. They should by right have gone back to the Emir, perhaps they did; but it is said that Ajenaku took the land and gave it to Aiya. This may have been done with the Emir’s sanction.

Present Proprietor Mama.

Case 18. Lands & Village of Ago

In reign of Emir Shitu, Isokan, a son of the old Yoruba King (Are) who was killed by “the Salami,” was granted the lands of Ago.

Present Magaji Are is the Proprietor.

Bale Brimah is the present landlord’s factor.

Case 19. Lands of Abeokuta

Nyaka a son of Emir Zuberu received the lands form his father.

His son Ola Tunde is the present Proprietor.

Bale & overseer is Lawani.

Case 20. Ode Odde Town & Lands

1.In old days this land belonged to Ajagushi an important king among the Igbolo Yoruba. Kobite who was a hunter and a friend of his was given the lands now owned by his family & paid tribute or present to Ajagushe.

2.When the Fulani came, Ajagushe & Kobite ran to Ilorin. When Kobite was in Ilorin he put himself under protection of Balogun Alanamu & regained his lands from Emir Shita. When Ogun Bome succeeded to the lands he followed Balogun Fulani as does the Present Proprietor . He has many outlying farms who pay rent to him but follow different Baban Kekeri in Ilorin.

Tenants of Ode Odde:

Name of Farm Rent Follows:

Abekpe Yearly 2 loads yams, 2 loads dawa Balogun Fulani

Alanwa Yearly 2 loads yams, 2 loads dawa Balogun Fulani

Budo Olia Yearly 1 load yams, 1 load dawa Yo ke lu [?] son of Emir

Egbola Oda Yearly 2 loads yams, 2 loads dawa Balogun Gambari

Alatere Yearly 2 loads yams, 2 loads dawa M. Are

Eeyesela Yearly 2 loads yams, 1 load dawa Balogun Fulani

Case 21. Aiekali lands

Suli (or Sule), 1st & Present Proprietor states he followed Balogun Fulani during the Offa war. After that he farmed on Ajagushi land but when Ajagushi returned he left & found bush land near Afon which he farmed. He then went to Esiaku a son of Emir Sule & asked him to get Emir’s sanction which he did. He owns the land from Sule following Esiaku.

Case 22. Asakpa lands

Magaji Ajara obtained the lands from Emir Aliu. His brother Belo succeeded him about 10 years ago his slaves on the farms died and Lawani (a free man) rented them & does now, paying 4 loads yams, 4 dawa yearly to Belo.

Case 23. Abuju lands

Mama while hunting found some good land, when he returned to Ilorin he asked Emir Abdul Salami if he might have it, he was given it, paid tribute or present 5 loads yams, 5 dawa yearly. Present Proprietor Suman.

Case 24. Afon lands

In reign of Emir Shitu, Abu, Magaji Gari obtained the lands, he was succeeded in his Afon property by his son Sule now an old man. Siboo the present Bali is his factor. Title of Magaji Gari went to Brimah a brother.

Case 25. Lands Yaya

Obtained by Yaya in reign of Emir Shitu. Present Proprietor Sumanu.

Case 26. Lands Obate

Obtained by Obate in reign of Emir Shitu. Brimah Present Proprietor is follower of Magaji Gari.

Case 27. Lands Soko [sp?]

Obtained by Ali, follower of Abudu, in reign of Emir Aliu.

Present Proprietor is Abadu, follower of Balogun Fulani.

Case 28. Okaka lands

In reign of Emir Shitu, to Balogun Fulani Usumanu.

Present Proprietor is Balogun Fulani Zuberu.

Tenant Taffa rents, 4 loads yam, 4 dawa per annum.

Case 29. Arogbo [?] lands

In reign of Emir Aliu, to Abudu.

Present Proprietor Usufu, follower of Alaje son of Emir.

Case 30. Lands of Ajagushi (belonging to Igbolo Yoruba)

1.Formerly the town of Ajagushi (which was c. size of present town of Offa) & surrounding country from Afon to Ikauton belonged to Ajagushi a small chieftain under Olafin of Oyo.

2.When Idou succeeded to the lands, Maijia the Nupe warrior overran the country & broke the town of Ajagushi with many others. The people from Ajagushi & its surrounding villages fled. Some to Ibadan (which was then bush) others to Ogbomosho a small village. Adon [sic] & his son with a following ran to Ilorin & settled down in Oke Mora.

3.Maijia the Nupe did not succeed in taking Ilorin but returned or was driven back to Bida by the Fulani & Gambari population of Ilorin.

4.Then came the Fulani rising & the taking over of Ilorin & surrounding country. Adou [sic] in meanwhile had put himself under the protection of the present B. Fulani’s father & returned with his 2nd son Lawaye & farmed his lands or the part of them near Ajagushi. Adou died & was succeeded by Lawaye.

5.Shortly after came the Offa war when the Ibadans were called in to help the Offa people, they came & laid waste any land under Fulani protection they could find. Ajagushi was again broken & many people killed. Lawaye escaped & ran to his eldest brother Oedele who was a hunter & had allowed his brother to succeed him in the land.

6 After the Offa war was over, Odele [sic] & his brother put themselves under present Balogun Fulani & got him to get Emir Gale’s [Gate’s? Gata’s?] sanction for their return to their father’s lands.

7.About eight years ago the case was brought before the Emir by Balogun Fulani & with the sanction of the Resident, Odele was given back a great part of his father’s lands.

8.He returned to Ajagushi or rather to where the town used to be & settled down, a messenger of the Emir & Balogun Fulani going with him. He now resides on his farms & is recognized by the title of Ajagushi. He has many tenants farming on his land but few followers. He follows present B. Fulani.

According to the genealogy, Idou’s brother Adebiye fled from Maijia to Ibadan, never returned; Oedele is Present Proprietor, and Lawaye, who fled to Ilorin to his brother before the Ibadans, “is now here.”

9.Ode Odde & Ipetu used to belong to Ajagushi; both fled before Majia the Nupe on their return were given the lands by the Fulani & no longer follow Ajagushi. Ipetu was allowed to return from Oshogbo four years ago & given his lands on the understanding he paid Government tribute & followed the Emir. He is now a follower of Balogun Fulani.

10.I am informed that the present chief of Ibadan is from the old town of Ole Ole formerly under Ajagushi now bush. They fled before Maijia & founded present town of Ibadan.

Ajagushi lands some of the farms on it

Tenant  Farm Whom he follows in Ilorin Rent paid yearly to Ajagushi

Mama Jimo Idiofian Balogun Fulani 4 loads yams, 4 loads dawa

Abibu Akrage Balogun Fulani 4 loads yams, 4 loads dawa

Amadu Adowore Balogun Fulani 2 loads yams, 2 loads dawa

Case 31. Ipetu lands

Present owner states that his grandfather was given the lands of Ipetu by Oyo. One Petu his grandfather followed a chief called Elokoye just over the border. When Maijia the Nupe came they fled to Ogbomosho. One Petu & his son Lanage died there. Oni, the present man’s elder brother, heard that Ajagushi had gone back to his father’s land so he came to him & told him he wanted to go back to Ipetu lands which used to belong to his grandfather. Ajagushi took him to Ilorin to Balogun Fulani who got the Emir to give him back his lands & the Resident said he might stay there if he was content to pay his tribute as others did on this side of the border. This was four years ago, his brother died & Tio now holds the lands & follows Balogun Fulani.

Case 32. Foko lands

According to the genealogy, Foko 1st proprietor obtained the land from Oyo. His elder son ran to Ibadan. His younger son, Oka Kunle, 2nd proprietor, ran to Ilorin recovered the lands from Emir. Still alive very old?

Present Proprietor Amadu follows Balogun Fulani.

Case 33. Ikauton town & lands

1.Ogo a son of the Alafin of Oyo was given the lands of Ikauton by him. He settled there & built a town.

2.Asamu his son succeeded him, soon after Maigia the Nupe came & broke the town. Asamu ran to the town of Ajossa [?] in the Ekiti country of Southern Nigeria. When Maigia was driven back to Bida Asamu came to Ilorin & got leave from the Fulani to go back to his lands; he returned from [should be “to”] Ikauton & died there.

3. Bolode succeeded his father Asamu & lived and died at Ikauton.

4.Oke [or Oko?] ode succeeded his brother Bolode soon after the Ibadans came; before their arrival, Oke ode & his followers fled to Ojuku. The Ibadans burnt Ikauton & returned to Ibadan. Oke ode died at Ojuku: in old days Ojuku followed Ikauton.

5.Toduku succeeded & went from Ojuku to Ilorin & obtained the lands of Ikauton through the B. Fulani whom he followed. He rebuilt the town [new sentence starts?] soon after the Offa war broke out, he ran to Ilorin, his cousin Dawa ran to Oyo. Ikauton was deserted & destroyed. Toduku died at Ilorin.

6. Dawo [sic] on death of Toduku was sent for by B. Fulani; on his arrival at Ilorin he was declared heir to Toduku & given the lands & title Olu Kauton by the Emir. He naturally followed Balogun Fulani. He rebuilt Ikauton, many of his followers returning to the town.

7.The present man, Ogo son of Toduku, succeeded Dawo two years ago. They say formerly Ojuku, Idou & many other villages used to belong to them. They are not Igbolo Yoruba; many tenants on the land follow different chiefs in Ilorin. The present man follows Balogun Fulani.

Case 34. Ojuku town & lands

1.The people of Ojuku state that formerly they came from the Niger. Lanlu & his four brothers came & sat down at Oko & were given the lands of Ojuku; they paid tribute straight to the Alafin of Oyo.

2.His son [that is, Lanlu’s son—or descendant?] Ogo Sulu followed Are of Ilorin. Malam Alimi the Fulani was in Ilorin at that time. They escaped the ravages of Maijia.

3. His brother [that is, Ogo Sulu’s brother] Osalulu followed Ilorin. Latugo 4th proprietor [given as Labujenjo? in genealogical tree] paid tribute to Abdul Salami. When the Ibadans made war Ojuku escaped, Shitu was then Emir.

4.When Latunga was in possession, the Offa war broke out & Ojuku was destroyed & Latunga & the immediate heirs ran to Ilorin. Latunga died there.

5.When the war was over Fiede (10) returned with sanction of Emir Mama & rebuilt the town; he followed Ba Sambo as Baba Kekeri.

6.Ayola (11) was deposed & Brimah (12) only succeeded for c. eight months before he died.

7.Present Bale is Ladosu (13), he follows Adasona [sp?] the Emir’s slave.

Notes referring to the genealogical tree:

In this case the succession runs through 1st, the brothers, eldest 1st, then their sons eldest 1st. Ajeboye is said to be the next heir [son of Ladosu according to the genealogical tree], but this will have to be decided at a meeting after Ladosu’s death. Goke & Lanier [older brothers of Ladosu according to the genealogical tree] might be chosen as eldest.

Case 35. Badja town & lands

It is said that Igbadja Mija, a follower of the Alafin of Oyo, quarrelled with his brother the Bale or [of] Argun a village in Southern Nigeria. Igbadja came with his following & built the village of Badja. He followed Oyo. Tio, his son, came under the Fulani. Ekandie succeeded his father but was taken to Ibadan by the Ibadans & died there. Bankole his brother ran to Keke & died there. His son Fakorede (present proprietor) fought under Balogun Fulani against Offa & and at the close of the war received the old lands of Badja from the Emir. He follows Balogun Fulani.

Case 36. Oke & lands

It is said that Yagba & Shekumbe sons of the Time [Timi] of Ede a town near Oshogbo came & took up the lands of Oke; they followed the Alafin of Oyo & when Shekumbe held the lands, Maijia the Nupe came & broke the town, he fled to Ilorin. Ewola, Yajba’s son, put himself under Fulani protection & rebuilt the town. The town was again broken by the Ibadans & Oyewole fled to Ilorin; he returned after the war & rebuilt the town. Present Proprietor Lawoye follows Balogun Fulani. Formerly Oke owned much more land tha

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