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Transcript of selected handwritten notes taken on material in this file. Not always the exact words of the original. Spellings of names reflect the original where possible.

para 2. letter from Elphinstone, Resident, 9 Oct 1917. no. 3013/1917

Land tenure already fully written on in my 716/13 of 6/4/13 & 474/13 of 15/3/15. . . .

[In some] cases the area forms a coadunate District eg. Lanwa district proper but in others the areas of the proprietors are small areas dotted about over the country side. There are also the pre-Filani land owners.

4. Disturbances throughout the emirate this year. Cause—the taking away of the authority of the Village Heads (VHs) by giving out 10% of the tax to the tiny farm hamlets & scattered compounds which go to form a village: There are no headmen of these hamlets & they had no right to the 10%, the giving of it was resented therefore by those compound owners who did not receive anything & the real VHs who saw . . . authority being taken away.

5. The villages are arranged according to Districts but it will be observed that not in all cases can the Sub-Districts (SDs) be completely done away with, owing to the fact that a single land proprietor has a large tract of land with several villages upon it too small to form a district.

6. McAllister amalgamated certain Districts—the amalgamations in some cases unpopular with Emir & people.

In 4 cases I request permission to do away with sub-districts by re[creating?] as districts:

Paiye   -- Paiye & Malete

Ajasse-Po -- Ajasse & Igbadja

Lanwa -- Lanwa & Ejidongari

Afon -- Afon & Owode (including Ber [Berkodo?])

8. “The Administration of the Ilorin Yoruba goes hand in hand with the land question and this has proved to be the difficulty in this Province to form coadunate Districts; the rights in the land being divided between the farmer and the proprietor ie the man actually farming the land and the heirs or families of the men to whom the land was originally granted, with a few rights in the hands of the Emir.”

Akambi. Akambi District shows how difficult the grouping into Districts is; there are 6 different proprietors not counting the Kakara. It may be possible at some future time or on the death of the present District Head (DH) to amalgamate this district with some other.

8 village area heads (VAHs) as regrouped Sep. 1917.

Akambi line Audu Salami






Amodu (only recently put in; and no particular family claim)

Population of all: 5,100

Proposed salary   Village Area (VA)   Original head         Tax      Notes

₤15                       Akambi                 Akambi, slave of    ₤173

                                                          Emir Shita

₤15                       Okpolo                 Koro  (favourite of  ₤180   Joined with

                                                          Emir Audu Salami)            Akambi under

                                                                                                   Balogun Alanamu but

                                                                                                   later by Mr Duff under


₤18                       Ilota                     Durosini (Yoruba     ₤187   vide supra

                                                         chief, scattered, but

                                                         reinstated by Audu


₤24                     Magaji                   Mamudu son of        ₤258  v supra

                                                         Abudu, 2nd Baba


₤24 Kulendi Jobo (relation of ₤106 Put under Akambi

Usumanu, 1st by McAllister

Balogun Fulani)

₤6 (a) Tankeh ₤78 The only sub Unit in

whole district. Others

are all original units

₤6 Kangile Kangile slave of Ali, ₤54 Put under Akambi by

1st Balogun Gambari McAllister

₤12 Karkara vide notes ₤96 v supra: no original head. Gogurumo made District Head under Dwyer but on

deposition of his successor M. Giwa, office lapsed & Bale of Tegbesin put in


Afon District

Good example of difficulty in amalgamating into districts without formation of sub-districts.

Present district consisted originally of 14 independent units. Dwyer amalgamated Efue & Igbogun with Berkodo & Barla with Owode & the 8 villages immediately following Afon with Afon; afterwards he amalgamated Berkodo with Owode. McAllister amalgamated Berkodo (including Owode) with Afon.

Berkodo & Owode should be parted [?] thus forming 1 district instead of 2 sub-districts (SDs).

Efue & Igbogun should remain under Berkodo as they are cut off by Owode from Afon. The Emir wishes Berkodo & Owode to be taken out of this District again thus doing away with the SD.

Afon District: 19 VAHs as regrouped.

Afon line Owode line Berkodo

Bal. Usumanu (1) Ajia Omo Ijesha Amodu (Sarkin Dogarai)

Bal. Zubeiru (2) Abdul Kadiri Mohamadu (Sarkin Dogarai)

Dasuki (but no family Braimah

connection with the District

Population of all: 20,074

Proposed salary Village Area Original Head Notes

₤12 Afon Momodu follower Reg: Emir Shita

of Magaji Gari

₤24 Ologbondoroko Ologbondoroko v supra

follower of Balogun


₤9 Odo-Ode Mofoluku follower v supra

of Garuba, 3rd 

Balogun Alanamu

₤24 Osin Aremu Aremu follower of v supra

Baba Isale

₤18 Ojoku Ogunola Reg: Emir Shita to 

whom he did homage, 

& put under Abubakr,

son of Alimi

₤24 Ogele Abdulahi slave of 

Emir Shita

₤15 Laduba Kontan follower of Reg: Emir Shita

Garuba, 3rd Balogun


₤24 Ila Oke Shikunbi by fealty to v supra

Usumanu, 1st Balogun


₤18 Oko Erin Erin slave of Emir Shita

₤18 Owode Ajia Ijesha slave of Emir


₤9 (a)Sokoto

₤6 (b)Wahrah forest reserve

₤9 (c)Otetere

₤9 Barla Sanda follower of Reg: Emir Zubeiru

Balogun Alanamu Put under Owode by


₤6 Berkodo Amodu (Sarkin Dogarai) Reg: Audu Salami



Efue Otu slave of Afin, Head of Reg: Audu Salami


Igbogun Igbogun slave of Emir


Igporin District

This district has one SD, namely Oke Oyo, consisting of Oke Oye, Oke Ose, Moya & Ileapa: this was made by Dwyer, Salau, a slave, being made sub District Head (SDH). Emir wishes this sub district to be done away with, but difficult—what to do with Salau. It is suggested that he be taken away from headship of the SD until he dies or can be found another job. His family has no rights.

8 village area heads as regrouped Sep 1917

Igporin line

Bako (1)


Awudu (2)   Morafa (3)  Alhasan (4)


Atairu (5)

Whole population: 23,316

Tax Village Area Original Head Notes

₤286-16-0 Igporin Allah Sariki Rights in this land

slave of Bako, surrendered to Emir

1st Sarkin Gambari Shita, who wanted it for

Magaji Akiali

₤461-15-0 Apado Bako, 1st Sarkin Hamlet called Kure was

Gambari Bako’s seat: DH now lives

at Igporin

₤501-0-0 (a)Agbeyangi

₤106-5-0 (b)Pepele

₤743-10-0 (c)Oke Oye Salau put in as SDH by


₤174-5-0 (d)Oke Ose

₤208-10-0 Moya Ojo, Hunterman. 

Given by Ali, 2nd 

Balogun Gambari

₤272-10-0 Ile-Apa Warri follower of

Audu Salami

Lanwa District

consists of

(1)Lanwa District proper i.e. all [the way?] down to Ejidogari. Amongst these, Zaki had been put under Adio, Zaki will now be taken away again from Adio & thus form 2 villages, which is historically correct, doing away with the Adio SD.

(2)Ejidogari, properly a district, was amalgamated to Lanwa by McAllister. Within Ejidogari is the sub district of Ariori, made by Dwyer of Ariori, Amu, Babadudu and Okutala; this SD will be done away with, Ariori being put naturally under Ejidogari & Ama, Babadudu & Okutala following Ejidogari direct. SDH to draw salary till he can be found another job.

(3)If the Emir’s wish is carried out of remaking into 2 districts, Lanwa & Ejidogari, there will be no SDs.

Lanwa 27 VAHs as regrouped

Population  [of Lanwa to Zaki VAs] 17,185

Tax Village Area Original Head Notes

₤434-5-0 Lanwa Adendelu slave Lanwa comprises all of

of Emir Shita the following, (a) to (j).

thus subdivided for fixed

salary purposes. The

respective Bales are rather

as a staff to Adendelu than as 

separate VA heads.

Holding of Balogun Fulani.

₤109-15-0 (a)Ama First authentic salga-makers 

in these parts.


₤94-0-0 (b)Bode Sadu Bode Sadu was a caravan

camp. Bode = Toll gate

₤135-10-0 (c)Sulu

₤169-10 (d)Idowu

₤99-10 (e)Biri-biri Hunterman put here to escort

caravans to Bode Sadu, as

against Kontagora raiders.

Hence this settlement

₤65 (f)Isakara

₤150 (g)Cata

₤116 (h)Awukunle

₤160 (j)Jebba

₤337-10 Okemi Abdul Kadiri

nephew of Emir

Audu Salami

₤227-10 Adio Alfa Sadiku slave to

Emir Shita

₤53-10 Zaki Alfa Zaki scribe to Previously misplaced under

Emir Shita Adio

₤345 Ejidogari Umoru Sanda Umoru gave the land to Eji

[population—of nephew of Emir slave of Sarkin Dogarai,

all the following Audu Salami afterwards exiled by Dwyer

VAs—18,171] (a jealous Hausa farmer)

(Remarks on Lanwa grouping

are applicable to Ejidogari)

₤136 (a)Aniya

₤53 (b)Abike 1. [?]

₤130 (c)Ogunbo

₤101 (d)Olokiti

₤64 (e)Okuta Ila

₤133 (f)Ayede

₤45 (g)Ayetoro

₤69 (h)Iti-Giwa 

₤60 (j)Jeje

₤179 (k)Ariore Original holder a Hausa slave

₤100 Amu Alegi son of Emir


₤121 [₤171?] Babadudu Balogun Ali, 2nd 

Balogun Gambari

₤159 Okutala Magaji Akiali slave of

Emir Shita

Oloru District

Under Oloru there are 4 SDs—Oloru, Shao, Adio & Agodi. Oloru will remain forming part of the District. Under Shao was amalgamated by Dwyer Yeki & Asbomu; the SDH has just been imprisoned & therefore this fact does away with the SD, Yeke & Asbomu following the DH direct. In same way the SD of Agodi made by Dwyer consisting of Ogodi (Olomi[?]), Abuyanrin, Oroyewun, Alagbede & Yowere will be done away with, all following DH Oloru; the SDH is of the same family as the DH. Adio will remain as a SD for the time being.

Oloru—17 VAHs.

Population of all: 15,450

Tax Village Area Original Head Notes

₤343 Oloru Balogun Ali, 2nd Presented by Balogun 

Balogun Gambari Ali to his slave 


₤139 (a)Alara

₤59 (b)Tepatan

₤62 (c)Mamah

₤71 (d)Pakumah

₤76 (e)Olomi

₤180 (f)Abuyanrin

₤97 (g)Aroyewun

₤58 (h)Alagbede

₤41 (i)Yowere

₤58 Adio Asaju slave of Emir Shita

₤64 (a)Yeregi

₤24 (b)Onibaramu

₤66 (c)Braimah Ayaki

₤236 Shao Ajia Ati Kekere slave of Emir Shita

₤111 (a)Ashomu

₤50 (b)Yeke

Paiye District

as now arranged consists of (a) Paiye (b) Malete

There are properly 2 districts but they were joined together by McAllister. Seems to be no way of getting rid of the SD of Malete; family of the Basambo have the rights in the land & cannot be made to give them up.

12 VAHs

Present DH Moma Jima (family of follower of Balogun Ajikobi.

Population [of all?] 1113

Tax VA Original Head Notes

₤124 Paiye Amodu Beki follower M Jima DH

of Buari 3rd Balogun follower of Balogun

Ajikobi Ajikobi put in by


₤157 (a)Belo Ipa

₤135 (b)Inawole

₤137 (c)Guniyan

₤127 (d)Awuyan

₤60 Malete Aliu Isola follower of

Abubakr, 1st Basambo 

(Emir’s own family)

₤79 (a)Jenkunu

₤67 (b)Ajanaku

₤84 (c)Gbugudu

₤38 (d)Logun

₤48 (e)Aga

₤60 (f)Paku

Oniri District

consists of 4 SDs all very small—Oniri & 2 villages; Alapa & 1 village; Fata & 1 village; and Awa & 1 village. Of these the family of Fata has disappeared & the SD is done away with. The SDs of Alapa & Awe are so small that the heads are now treated as village heads.

9 VA Heads

Oniri line:


Abdul Kadiri (2)   Saliu (3)   Braimah (4)

        Belo (5) Audu Salam (6)  Dan Saliu (8)  Aliu (7)

List of fief holds under filani tenure

Donor Territory To Whom Given Description

Emir A Salami 1.Okemirin Abdulkadiri Nephew

2.Gama Magaji Arre Ilorin chief

3.Opolo Koro Follower

4.Ilota Duromi Yoruba

5.Ile-apa Warri Follower

6.Bekodo Amodu Sarkin Dogari

7.Efue Otu Slave

8.Onire Magaji Oguyekun Warrior

9.Fata Kaye Mogaji Ogidi Warrior

10.Awe Zarumi Warrior

11.Karkara Ilorin farmers

Emir Shita 1.Shao Ajia Atikekere Slave

2.Adio Asaju Slave

3.Lanwa Adenlolu Slave

4.Adio Alfa Sadiku Scribe

5.Zaki Alfa Zaki Scribe

6.Okuta-Ila Magaji Okiali Slave

7.Akambi Akambi Slave

8.Kaba Dogari Kaba Dogari

9.Ogele Abdulai Slave

10.Oko Erin Erin Slave

11.Ologbondoroko Zarumi Warrior

Daniyalu (Shiaba) 1.Ajidongari Shiaba Son

Abubakare 1.Ojoku Ogunlola Yoruba


2.Malete Aliu Ishola Follower

Emir Zubairu 1.Owode Ajia Ijesha Slave

2.Amu Alege Son

3.Igbogun Igbogun Slave

Sarkin Gambari 1.Igporin Bako 1st Sarkin Gambari

Balogun Gambari 1.Oloru Omodare Slave

2.Babadudu Babadudu Follower

3.Moya Ojo Hunterman

4.Oke Ora Ajia Opele   Follower

Oloro         Original head  

5.Esiye Balogun Ali  

Elisiye           Original head

6.Agbanda Kure Amoda   Follower     

Alakpa            Original head  7.Kangile Kangile Slave

Balogun Ajikobi 1.Alapa Lawani Giwa Follower

2.Paiye Amodu Beki Follower

Balogun Alanamu 1.Ballah Sanda Follower

2.Ode Ode Mofoluku Follower

3.Laduba Kontan Follower

Balogun Fulani 1.Ila Oke Shekunbi Yoruba

2.Kulendi Obo Follower

Baba Isale 1.Osin Aremu Aremu Follower

2.Magaji Momodu Son

Magaji Gari 1.Afon Momodu Follower

memo 829/1917/20     Ilorin, 18 October 1922

from Resident Ilorin Province to Secretary Northern Provinces Kaduna

re map illustrating fief hold tenure in Ilorin Province—

I find it indispensable as it enables one to put a finger at once on the Baba Kekere who is likely to be pulling the strings from Ilorin in any land dispute.

HBIV [?] Ag. Resident

[possibly H.B. Hermon-Hodge??]