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Two sets of questions were investigated on my behalf by Mr. Yakubu Adeyemi Jimoh and Rev. Dr. James F. Adetunji. Mr. Jimoh, who was the lead researcher for this project, is a graduate in history from the University of Ilorin and a local historian. Dr. Adetunji was a colleague of mine at Kwara State College of Technology, and later a faculty member in the Department of Crop Production, University of Ilorin. Both are natives of Share, a town not far from the Metropolitan Districts. The questions were formulated to assist me in writing the chapters of Power Relations in Nigeria dealing with resistance and accommodation in the Metropolitan Districts in the 1950s and 1970s‒1980s.

Set 1, 1994. Questions and report on religious and political affiliations (resistant/ accommmodationist behavior) in 3 settlements claiming origins independent of Ilorin.

Set 2, 1996. Questions (follow-up questions, plus questions on district heads, districts, and local government areas) and report.

Extracts from correspondence between Dr. Adetunji and myself, providing information on Dr. Adetunji’s particular qualifications for this project and on the problems that were encountered in communication and in the research itself.

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