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6.2b(iii) Extracts from correspondence Adetunji/O’Hear

Extract from letter from Dr. J.F. Adetunji, Kwara State Polytechnic, to Ann O’Hear, Niagara Falls, NY, USA, 27 June 1994.

“With my background knowledge on Christian Missions in the areas mentioned in your letter we thought that this will be useful to the research Work. It may interest you that I hold a Diploma in Church Ministries. It is interesting also that you mentioned Apado as one of the research villages. My father was a Pastor at Apado in the 50s.”

Extract from letter from Ann O’Hear to Dr. J.F. Adetunji, 4 August 1994.

“I enclose 2 copies of all the questions. Please don’t worry if you can’t find answers to all of them, or even to most of them. For the parts you can’t answer, it would be helpful if you could tell me whether people just don’t know, or can’t remember; or whether they refuse to answer; or whether it’s just too unsafe to ask the questions.”

Extract from letter from Dr. J.F. Adetunji to Ann O’Hear, 21 September 1994.

“The assignment was a bit tasking as we had to compare information from different sources. In the process we also learnt a lot.”

Extract from letter from Ann O’Hear to Dr. J.F. Adetunji, 4 December 1994. [re communication problems]

“I am very sorry you haven’t been receiving my letters. I received your first letter with a copy of your report, ages ago, and I immediately wrote off to you. . . . Then when I wrote our Christmas card to you, I repeated my thanks. Now, in the last few days, I have received two more letters, with copies of your report; first the one dated 11 November and sent regular air mail; then the one dated 21 November and sent by speed mail (this took about 11 days to arrive). So you haven’t received either of my replies. . . . I am sending this off . . . by express mail. . . .

Extract  from letter from Rev. Dr. J.F. Adetunji, University of Ilorin, to Ann O’Hear, 9 July 1996. [re e.g., communication problems]

“The work has taken some time because of the need to give accurate information and because of the high demands by informants. This letter is being sent through somebody travelling to U.S. I am sorry you have not received the letter we sent through express mail.”

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