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9.1g Johnson, Rev. Samuel. The History of the Yorubas. First published 1921. Reprinted 1976 Lagos: C.S.S. Bookshops. A list of selected pages on which information on slavery, mostly directly related to Ilorin, especially elite slaves, can be found.

60-63. Ilari in Oyo (see also 9.1f , summary of material from Alhaji SafiJimba, A Short History of Ilorin)

198, 199. Lasipa Bugare, head slave of Afonja

200. slave capture and sale by Afonja

200. Afonja’s mother a slave?

202-203. Alimi’s slave wife. No advantage to children of free wife over those of slave wife. Also 222

217-218. Jimba (elite slave, Ilorin) and Oyo

259. Jimba and Oyo

262. Jimba

287. Jimba captured

308-309. Eṣu (aka Esu, E’shu, Esubiyi of Aiyede; at one point enslaved in Ilorin, he later became a major warrior and chief to the east)

313. Eṣu

326. elite slaves Ibadan

403-404. Eṣu

404. Ilorin slave capture

564. Nasamu (elite slave, Ilorin)

577. Dongari (elite slave, Ilorin)

604. Nasamu

648-49. “Bower” = “Bawa”

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