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5.3e (iv) Interview on Are Ogele

Who was the interviewer: Mallam A.B. Adua

Date: 2nd January 1990

Where the interview took place: Ori Okoh Compound, Ilorin

Compound of the informant: Ori Okoh Compound, Ilorin

Approximate age of the informant: 53 years

Any other relevant details about the informant: He is the son of Arẹ Ogele.

Whether the informant was completely cooperative or not; and if not, why: He was cooperative.

Whether the informant wishes his/her name to be withheld or not: He had no objection to his name being published.

If not, what is the name of the informant: Mallam Amuda Yusuf

Names of any other people present at the interview: Mallam Salihu Faagba

1 Have you ever heard of the Are Ogele? Yes.

2 Is there still an Are Ogele today? Yes. (a village)

3 If so, what is the name of his compound, and where is it? Ori Okoh, Ilorin.

4 Where did the first Are Ogele come from? Not sure where.

5 In the 19th century, was the Are Ogele a warrior? No. He was a servant of the Emir.

6 What can you tell me about his military exploits? He was not known for any military exploits.

7 Under whom did he fight? [not applicable] He was in charge of Ogele village.

8 *Was the first Are Ogele a slave? Yes. A servant of the Emir.

9 If so, whose slave was he? The Emir’s.

10 If not, whom did he follow? —

11 Did the Are Ogele own any land outside Ilorin? Yes.

12 If so, where? Ogele village.

13 Does the Are Ogele still own that land today? Yes.

14 What are the functions of the Are Ogele today? He sees to the welfare of Ogele area. He also collects taxes for the Emir.

*Re no. 8, note by Dr. E.B. Bolaji: There is really no distinction here between “servant” and “slave.” I think it is the latter that is meant really. This is the first clear admission that a title in Ilorin is a slave title.

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