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5.3e(ii) Interview on Balogun Afin

Who was the interviewer: Mallam A.B. Adua

Date: 17th December 1989

Where the interview took place: Balogun Afin’s Compound, Oke Aluko, Ilorin

Compound of the informant: Balogun Afin’s Compound, Oke Aluko, Ilorin

Approximate age of the informant: 70 years

Any other relevant details about the informant: He is the present Balogun Afin and a retired soldier. He claims that the present Head of State, General Babangida, served under him.

Whether the informant was completely cooperative or not; and if not, why: He was cooperative.

Whether the informant wishes his/her name to be withheld or not: Does not mind his name being recorded.

If not, what is the name of the informant? Alhaji Abdulrahman Ọkọ Gogo

Names of any other people present at the interview: Dr. E.B. Bolaji

1 Have you ever heard of the Balogun Afin? Yes.

2 Is there still a Balogun Afin today? Yes.

3 If so, what is the name of his compound? Ile Balogun Afin, Oke Aluko, Ilorin.

4 Where did the first Balogun Afin come from? Baruba land.

5a In the 19th century, what were the functions of the Balogun Afin? He was the one who led all traditional chiefs to the Emir.

5b Did he have any military functions? Yes.

5c If so, what were they? He was a leader in wars, with his own followers.

6 Was Balogun Afin originally a slave title? No.

7 If so, whose slave was the Balogun Afin? —

8 If not, whom did the Balogun Afin follow? The first Balogun Afin came with Alfa Alimi to Ilorin as a friend.

9 Did the Balogun Afin own any land outside Ilorin? Yes.

10 If so, where? Adimmale and Ogele areas.

11 Does the Balogun Afin still own that land today? Yes.

12 What are the functions of the Balogun Afin today? The present Balogun Afin,

Alhaji Abdulrahman Ọkọ Gogo, is in charge of the Emir’s palace. He leads the other traditional chiefs and the Magajis to the Emir’s presence.

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