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5.3c Interview on Agbeyangi

Who was the interviewer? Dr. E.B. Bolaji

Date: 29th March 1990

Where the interview took place? In Mr. Ayọku’s office

Compound of the informant: Ile Arin-Ile, Agbeyangi

Approximate age of the informant? 46 years.

Any other relevant details about the informant: Mr. Ayọku is literate. He is at present Assistant Chief Technologist in the Chemistry Dept. of the Kwara State Polytechnic, Ilorin.

Whether the informant was completely cooperative: Yes.

Whether the informant wishes his/her name to be withheld or not: Does not mind his name being mentioned.

Name of the informant: Mr. Moyosorẹ Alao Ayọku.

Names of any other people present at the interview. –

1 Is it correct to say that the village of Agbeyangi (in Igporin District) has a favoured position? Not really. Despite connections with the Emir, Agbeyangi has to compete with others. For example, as at now, political forces in Osin are dominated by Agbeyangi people, only because of their dynamism.

2. What are these connections? Agbeyangi is the maternal home of the present Emir.

Note—the former Chief Judge of Kwara State, Justice Saidu Kawu, is of Agbeyangi stock. His father is a native of Agbeyangi who migrated to Ilorin.

Note. Before the present Emir was enthroned in 1959, Agbeyangi had been prominent. The first government primary school in Osin area was built at Agbeyangi in 1950. So also the first government dispensary.

It was erroneously said that the Emir influenced the location of the former Osin Local Government Headquarters at Agbeyangi. This is not true. Agbeyangi became headquarters because of the intense lobbying of Agbeyangi citizens in the State House of Assembly. Agbeyangi indigenes are still in the forefront of politics in Osin today, and they always want achievements to be credited to them, and not any distant influence.

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