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4.3d Discussion with Alhaji Saka Aleshinloye, Baba Isale of Ilorin, Ile Baba Isale, Ilorin, 9 September 1988: Background information and notes on discussion

Alhaji Saka Aleshinloye held one of the chiefly titles associated with the family of Afonja, pre-Fulani ruler of Ilorin. He had been a pioneer journalist in Nigeria and media adviser to successive military heads of state.

The discussion was held in English, and concerned my interest in gathering information on slavery.

The Baba Isale told the story of a woman from the Baba Isale family. She married the Balogun Gambari [a major Ilorin titleholder] and later divorced him.

Then she married a relative of the Balogun Fulani [another major Ilorin titleholder].

She traded in slaves.

She planted her slaves in Ago, and this was the first settlement in Ago.

He noted that [the present] Balogun Fulani would dispute this!*

*This reference was to the long-standing dispute over land between successive Baloguns Fulani and the families associated with Afonja (those of the Magaji Are and the Baba Isale). When I was looking for information on rural development, it ws to Ago Oja village that he sent me. See 3.2a(vi)2 Interviews in Ago Oja Village, near Ilorin, 1985; discussion with the Baba Isale of Ilorin: Text

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