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4.2a(i) Information from Emmanuel Alao, 1980-1981: Background information

     This discusses the history and culture of Oke-oyi, a large, pre-Fulani settlement within the Metropolitan Districts. Emmanuel Alao is a member of the Oluo Isale Ruling House, Oke-oyi, and was at the time when he collected this information a student at Kwara State College of Technology, Ilorin.

     The detailed accounts provided here of the history and religious practice of Oke-oyi can be contrasted with the lack of such detail available from former slave settlements in the Metropolitan Districts.

     Included are the following: A detailed account of the history and culture of Oke-oyi, by Emmanuel Alao, November 1980; Questions for Emmanuel Alao, November 1980; Answers to these questions, November 1980; Kinglist for Oke-oyi provided by Emmanuel Alao, January 1981.

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