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5.3e(iii) Interview on Sarkin Baraje (Baraye), Barade

Who was the interviewer: Dr. E.B. Bolaji and Mallam A.B. Adua

Date: 24th December 1989

Where the interview took place: Ile Seriki Baraje, Erubu, Ilorin

Compound of the informant: Ile Seriki Baraje, Erubu, Ilorin

Approximate age of the informant: 50 years

Any other relevant details about the informant: He is the son of the late (immediate) Seriki Baraje.

Whether the informant was completely cooperative or not; and if not, why: He was cooperative.

Whether the informant wishes his/her name to be withheld or not: He had no objection to his name being mentioned.

If not, what is the name of the informant? Mallam Kawu Baraje.

Names of any other people present at the interview:

Mallam Amada (Baba Eko)

Alhaji Jimoh Yakubu

1 Have you ever heard of the Sarkin Baraje? Yes.

2 Is there still a Sarkin Baraje today? Yes.

3 If so, what is the name of his compound, and where is it? Ile Seriki Baraje, Erubu, Ilorin.

4 Where did the first Sarkin Baraje come from? Dahore, via Sokoto.

5 In the 19th century, what were the functions of the Sarkin Baraje? They were warriors.

6 What were his military functions? He led his followers in wars. His popular weapon was the spear.

7 In the 19th century, how many horsemen did he control? About 105.

8 Was Sarkin Baraje originally a slave title? No. The first Seriki Baraje was a friend to Emir Zubair, the 2nd Emir of Ilorin.

9 If so, whose slave was the Sarkin Baraje? Was never a slave.

10 If not, whom did the Sarkin Baraje follow? He followed Emir Zubair.

11 Did the Sarkin Baraje own any land outside Ilorin? Yes.

12 If so, where? Budo Ọyọ, via Oke Oyi.

13 What are the functions of the Sarkin Baraje today? He takes care of the Emir’s horses.

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