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2.2f(i) Short note on Ann O’Hear, “Dependency Relationships in the Twentieth Century,” in Nigeria in the Twentieth Century, ed. Toyin Falola, 225‒231. Durham, NC: Carolina Academic Press, 2002; and cross-reference to conference version, 2.4b(iv) in this Archive.

     This chapter is a slightly edited version of a conference paper titled “Nigeria: Dependent Status in the Twentieth Century,” presented at a conference on “Nigeria in the Twentieth Century,” University of Texas at Austin, March 2002.

     Readers are recommended to consult the conference paper, 2.4b(iv) in this Archive, rather than the published chapter, for the following reason. As I was preparing to transcribe the conference paper for the Archive in September 2020, I found an error that was unfortunately repeated in the published version. I was able to correct this in square brackets in the transcribed version of the conference paper (endnote 7).

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