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2.2b(ii) Corrections to printed article, “Elite Slaves in Ilorin in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries”

     On page 252, the following is a quotation and should be enclosed in quotation marks or set off from the regular text as a block quotation.

     “followed a big chief or slave of the Emir in the town, and, when they took up land, asked them to get the sanction of the Emir for so doing. This was done, and a yearly gift was given to these men for protection’s sake, and to further their interest in the Court should they have occasion to bring in some case for settlement.”19

     Footnote 19 should read: NNAK Ilorinprof 4 814/1912, Land Tenure in Afon District, Report by Captain Burnett, 1912, as cited in H.B. Hermon-Hodge, Gazetteer of Ilorin Province (London, 1929), 169, first section of the report.

     Also, please note that my notes on much of the 1912 report by Captain Burnett are contained in section 8.3b of the O’Hear Archive. In section 8.3b, I included only brief coverage of the first section of the report, as it is covered in the Hermon-Hodge Gazetteer.

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