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10.2i Muhammed, Yahaya Alfa. “Ilorin Relations with Her Western Districts--Afon, Onire and Owode, 1823-c.1960.” B.A. diss., History, University of Ilorin, 1982.

Selected notes.

p. 9. Some towns & villages, such as Gamo & Ila-Oja, “willingly” placed themselves under the Emir to free themselves from Ilorin’s aggression but also for protection against external aggression (ref: interview with lawyer Safi Jimba, Ilorin, 23 July 1981).

p. 10. Incorporation of Onire & environs:

Prior to the establishment of Ilorin Emirate the land that now makes up Onire District was largely uninhabited (ref: interview with Hon. S.O. Apata, 29 Nov 1981).

p.11. Incorporation of Owode and environs:

p. 12. Oral evidence is clear that with the establishment of Ilorin Emirate, a small number of people started moving from Ilorin to the lands of Owode & environs. Notable was the movement of a group from Baboko Quarters in Ilorin whose family head, Logudu, became the 1st Bale of Owode, and the title has become hereditary in his family. Oral information suggests that these people from Baboko moved to Owode on a temporary basis for farming (ref: interview with Bale of Owode, Alh. Maliki Aremu Ade, 6 Dec 1981).

A notable slave of Emir Zubair, the Ajia Omo Ijesha, was given the Owode area as a fief, including Sokoto and Wahrah, because of his role as a great warrior [the reference given here is to the 1917 Ilorin Emirate Reorganisation of Districts, for which see section 8.3c in this Archive.]

According to the Bale of Owode, when the Ajia arrived at Owode, he came with a message from the Emir that he was sending the Ajia to assist the Bale, not dislodge him (interview with Bale of Owode).

p. 14. The land area of Sapati-Ile was obtained by a group of people who migrated from Ile Alawo Adabata quarters in Ilorin & settled there under their head, Zuberu Omo Arinadegbo, with the sanction of the Emir. Zuberu thus became the first Magaji of Sapati-Ile, and the title has become hereditary in his family (ref: interview with Hon. Sule Oba Sapati, Ilorin, 10 Feb 1981).

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