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10.2c Ajoke, Yusuf Azumi. “Diplomacy and Warfare: The Strategies and Military Exploits of Ilorin in the Nineteenth Century.” B.A. diss., History, University of Ilorin, 1988.

Selected notes.

On the Eleduwe war of 1830s:

p. 39. The captured Bariba were either sent to slave markets or given to war commanders as domestic slaves. Some given to the emir and Balogun Alanamu, some given portions of land to settle, while they continued to work for the emir and balogun, e.g., one Igbalajobi was reported to have been given a place, today known as Bariba compound (ref: Mallam Adeniyi, 65 years old, interviewed 20 May 1988). Also the Baribas that take care of the emir’s horse were settled at a place known/

p. 40. today as Apalando (ibid.).

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