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10.2b Abdulkadir, Jimoh. “Malete: An Historical Survey in the 19th and 20th Centuries.” B.A. diss., History, University of Ilorin, 1986.

Selected notes.

p. 6. Available information indicates that Malete was founded after the fall of the Old Oyo Empire (ref: Baba Daudu, 56 years old, businessman and contractor, Isale Oja, Ilorin, interviewed 26 July 1985).

p. 17. Early settlers predominantly traditional worshippers, because they migrated from Old Oyo Empire and brought their religion (ref: Alh. Ally Olarewaju, 43, civil servant, Pakata, Ilorin, interviewed 10 September 1985).

When district came under Bazambo, all traces of traditional worship removed. Today no traces of/

p. 18. traditional worship in Malete Village.

But in “surrounding villages like Agah, Jehunkunu, Gbegudu etc there was this element of Ogun worship among the hunters and those who associate with iron to appease the god against injuries. They offer palm wine and a dog is slaughtered annually for this purpose” [ibid.?].

p. 60 Sample Interview:

Muh. Abdul Baki, 55, District Head Malete, lived at Malete, language Yoruba.

. . .

Q “You said the early settlers were Yorubas. Does that mean these people were traditional worshippers?

A One cannot dispute that: but when Bazambo became fiefholder, there was a drastic attempt to Islamise the people.”

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