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These collections were formerly held at the Bodleian Library of Commonwealth and African Studies at Rhodes House (Rhodes House Library), Oxford. They are now located in the Weston Library (formerly known as the New Bodleian). The old “RH” reference numbers are retained. Two items from the Commonwealth and African Collections are reproduced here.

8.4b RH Mss. Afr. s.958, Dwyer, Dr. P. M. Extracts from Reports Ilorin 19021908. Typed extracts from periodic (including quarterly) reports: The reports include material on seizure of people, slave dealing, liberation of slaves, treatment of slaves/former slaves; and ex-chief Ajidungari (elite slave Eji).

8.4c RH Mss. Afr. s.1210, Michie, C. W. Local Government Reform in theIgbomina Area: 1954. Draft, mostly typed, some handwritten. Origins, government, relations with Ilorin. Useful for contrast with the Metropolitan Districts, for which see 8.3d NNAK (Nigerian National Archives, Kaduna) Ilorinprof 17/1 NAC/30/c.1, Local Government Reform in the Metropolitan Districts of Ilorin Emirate (except Ballah and Afon Districts).

Note on citations: These items are for read only purposes and all citations must be to the original papers in the Bodleian Library.

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