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10.2j Mustapha, Ganiyu Usman. “Mogajin Gari in the Administration of Ilorin Emirate since 1823.” B.A. diss., History, University of Ilorin, 1987.

Selected notes.

[Wawu was the ancestor of the present Mogajin Gari (MG)]

p. 18. Wawu’s son Sidiku was MG/

p. 19 for part of Abdusalame’s reign and part of Shitta’s reign (ref: Olarongbe Abdulkadir, present Mogajin Gari, interviewed 30 August 1986).

Abu was the son of Kuranga.

There are 2 stories:

(a) Kuranga was son of Wawu;

(b) particularly among lineage of reigning MG—claims that Kuranga was slave of Wawu and Abu became MG because Wawu suffered from born to die children.

p.20. Abu became MG in the time of Emir Shitta (ref: Olarongbe Abdulkadir).

Ibrahim, 3rd MG, was the son of Sidiku.

p.22. Sule became MG in 1907. He was the 2nd and last MG from Kuranga lineage.

p. 82. The author of this dissertation notes that material in the genealogical tree in NNAK Ilorinprof 5 3640, Ilorin Town General Notes by G.R. Osborn, 1928, points to Aliu (son of Abu) as MG. But the present MG claimed that Abu did not assume the position of MG.

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